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Free Proxy SitesFree Proxy Sites List

Welcome to the WebEvader proxy list! One of the best places to find free proxies on the world wide web. We maintain an extremely large and up to date database of the highest quality free proxy sites possible to ensure increased privacy and protection online when needed, but also to allow you to unblock your favourite websites.

Our unique proxy list sorts all of the free proxies by their country of origin (through their IP), by popularity as well as the most recent proxies submitted. Our proxy list is updated every minute, so be sure to check back often to get the most recent free proxy sites to satisfy your needs! We have also blocked the thousands of cheap junky proxies out there that use free domains, ensuring that each and every proxy picked from our list works. We guarantee it! ;)

Free ProxyWhat are Free Proxy Sites ?

Web-based Proxies, also known as free proxy sites, are websites designed to enable you to bypass content filters. By "masking" your IP address, thus allowing you to reach previously blocked web pages (such as FaceBook & YouTube) as well as increasing your anonymity online.

All you need to do is select one of the proxy sites from our list and plug in the URL of the website that you want to visit in the form. The proxy site will then allow you to browse the world wide web as normal but without any filters (but maybe a few more ads!).

Its as easy as that. Have a go! Choose a free proxy from our list.

Proxy OwnerProxy owner? Get your site on the proxy list!

If you operate a lonely proxy or are running hundreds upon hundreds of proxies, the WebEvader proxy list is a great place to promote and get them established on the Internet.

To have your sites on the free proxy list you need to visit our submission page, fill out the form and get your site accepted onto the list. All we require is that the proxies you submit are high quality free proxies with a respectable limit on adverts. For more information on submitting your proxy sites have a quick read of our submission page as well as submission rules.

Now, if you want to get your site some serious promotion, then we recommend having a look at our advertisement page. There you can look through the different levels of promotion that we offer and have a chance at buying a coveted listing at the top of the WebEvader proxy list.

Not only is WebEvader a proxy list, we also operate a blog with tons of up-to-date resourceful articles for proxy webmasters and users alike. This includes free templates to spice up your sites as well as go to guides on how to promote and successfully run them.

SocialWebEvader is social! More ways to get proxy websites online.

If you don’t want to keep returning to WebEvader every day to get the latest proxies, then we have the solution! Follow us on our social media accounts.

Now, WebEvader has a Twitter as well as Facebook account both dishing out the latest free proxy sites as they are accepted onto our list. Not only this but we also have an email newsletter keeping you posted with everything that is happening. So, what are you waiting for? Get subscribed!